Smell good and feel good!

That one swipe under your arms could be the most dangerous part of your morning routine. 
Deodorants contain aluminum and synthetic fragrances, alongside other undesirable components that many people are hypersensitive to. If you find that your underarms are irritated, it may be an allergic reaction to the aluminum which is detrimental to your body. Even if you aren’t physically sensitive to the generic deodorant your internal being might be telling you otherwise without the visible signs. Don’t wait, make the change! Aluminum toxicity has been associated with a variety of health issues from: breast cancer, hormonal Imbalance, bone disorder, Alzheimer disease, and kidney problems. 
Aluminum-free deodorants should optimally consist of natural ingredients and essential oils. It is important to note that some aluminum-free deodorants are still toxic, containing hidden chemicals which are highly if not, more toxic. 
Download the application @thinkdirty to really see how clean or dirty your “natural” beauty products are. 
Here is an article naming some of the best aluminum free deodorants that actually get the job done!